Amazing things happen when you SHOW up fully in your life

Amazing things happen when you SHOW up fully in your life.

Plenty of people TALK about what they want.

“I want more confidence.”
“I want to have a better connection within my family.”
“I want to have more energy in my life.”

Few go out and CREATE it.

Commit to what you say you want.



You can have RESULTS in your life.


You can have the excuses and stories you tell yourself on why you can't create them and why everyone else can.

Your choice.




 About the author: Bishal Sarkar, popularly known as “Mr. PRACTICAL”, is called the best motivational speaker of Bangalore India. Bishal is the creator of “Present like a Champ Boot Camp” (The Best Public Speaking Course in Bangalore) where he teaches the participants the step-by-step easy-to-follow process of public speaking success. He regularly speaks to professionals, youth groups, corporate groups, and trains people from various walks of life and brings out the excellence within them. As the author of the book “I Love Public Speaking”, Bishal now teaches professionals how to overcome fear of public speaking and deliver powerful presentations using the proven formula of speaking & presentation success, through his public speaking courses & communication skills classes in Bangalore. He also helps aspiring speakers by teaching them How to become a motivational speaker in India. People say that he has designed the best presentation skills classes & public speaking workshops in Bangalore. For enrolling in Bishal Sarkar’s “Present like a Champ Boot Camp”, call us on +91-88803-61526.

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