Are You Middle-Class? Then Read This...


Many times people tell me, “I am middle class background or I am from this”.

Look, even I was from a middle class background, I was born and brought up in small city called Siliguri where I studied in a Bengali medium government school where my parents paid Rs. 289 per year for my schooling.

So growing up I didn’t have a lot of friends, growing up I didn’t have a lot of mentors, growing up I didn’t have a lot of luxury.

I had to work hard, I didn’t have much options, I didn’t have the idea of the whole world. And I came from that world.

You know what, I didn’t stay there. Most often I see people who come from a middle class background and they stay in a middle class background.

For example, recently I was on a call with one person who wanted to become a client and during the call he repeatedly said, "I am from a middle class background and I am middle class man."

Nothing wrong with that, (I mean actually everything is wrong with that, but) nothing wrong in saying it.

The problem is that if this person is 40-year old, and if you are 40-ear old and you are still middle class then you deserve to be there.

Because Bill Gates says, "If you are born poor it’s not your fault. If you die poor it is your fault”, so he was born in a middle class family but right now at the age of 40 he is still middle class, he still can’t’ take his own decisions, he still can’t take actions, still thinks a lot before taking any action in life.

You see that mindset is making him middle class, it’s not the lack of money that’s making him middle class, it’s his negative mindset and small & narrow mindset that is making him middle class.

And I recommending to you today, if you really really want to be a super class then don’t just work on money work on your mindset.

Because one of my mentors says, "It doesn’t make money to make money, it takes courage to make money” and I have come from that, I have gone from a middle class background to having the results that my life shows now.

How I have done that, I have changed my mindset.

I did not tell myself over and over again, "Ohh I am a middle class that’s why I cannot afford to do thing”, I told myself "I am going to be a millionaire and I am going to take action like a millionaire."

Same thing with you, don’t be in the middle class, if you are born in the middle class it’s not your fault, but if you stay there it is your fault.

Today start taking some different actions, maybe read a new book, maybe go through a new audio program, maybe meet some new people, maybe get a mentor, or read blogs like this on a regular basis so that you can change your skill set and you can change your asset.

That’s my tip for you today.

I'm always reminding you that:
Don’t be a cry baby, be a real man.


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