Juniors are making you jealous with their success? Not your fault!

Don’t you know someone who is younger than you, but more successful than you are?

Just the other day someone messaged me asking something interesting.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the question was around the “secret” for wealth and happiness.

Well, it’s a bit beyond a “secret.”

It’s a way of living.

Steve Jobs once said in a confidential presentation: “ANY decision is better than no decision.”

You know the problem for most people?

They’re WAITING to make the perfect decision in life.
And before they realize, they’re 45.

Again they wait for perfect decision.
And before they realize, they’re 65.

And they die.
...with pain.
...with regrets.
...with tears.

When I mentor and advise high-level successful professionals, they often tell me how they would like to have more confidence, spend more time with their kids, and travel the world with wife.

Most can’t.


They’re waiting for the perfect time.

Now, coming back to the screenshot and the question.

The reason I achieved a bit of abnormal level (that’s what many people call it) of success at an earlier age than other people is because I believe in taking imperfection actions in life.

When most people were evaluating, I was taking action & making progress.
When most men were planning their weekends to party with their friends, I was booking tickets for vacations with my family.
When most professionals were begging for opportunities to their seniors, I was creating a legacy that will serve my next generation for centuries.

THAT is how I do it.

Look at your life.

Which areas are YOU waiting for the “perfect” timing?

Becoming a CEO?
Spending more time with kids?

The more you wait, the harder it becomes for you to start.

The only reason many young people (with less experience than you) are becoming more successful than you is because they’re not much afraid of making mistakes.


So get ahead in life by taking more chances.

Make that call.
Send that email.
Give that speech.
Book that vacation.
Live life KING SIZE!

I will see you tomorrow. 

By the way, if you’re sick and tired of speaking like an average man and want to MAN UP your courage and deliver rock-solid confident presentations, feel free to contact us on +91-88803-61526.

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