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My team is getting ready for an awesome teleconference today evening at 8:30 PM with our newest clients where I am going to share with the members “7 Super-Hot Tips for Becoming The Ultimate Confident Speaker.”

In the time we’re living in, it’s very important that you become The Ultimate Confident Speaker. Or else you won’t get much recognition from others EVEN IF you’re an expert in your field, and hence career growth becomes stagnant.

My clients had no clue they were going to get this special extra teleconference with me LIVE on it, but from time to time we make sure to add additional value to our clients so they’re achieve transformational results.

And that brings me to the lesson for today.

When you focus on helping others, you WIN.

Same applies when you’re presenting your ideas to a group of people in your office.

When you focus on yourself, you will be nervous.

But when you focus on service, you can’t feel nervous.

The next presentation you deliver, focus on the audience.

Focus on delivering great value to them in the most confident manner so they take action on your information.



Bishal Sarkar
Creator of “THE CONFIDENT EXPERT Live Experience

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