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If you have stage fear, that’s because nobody told you the right formula for overcoming it.

If you have stage fear, it’s happening probably because you don’t know where exactly to focus on.

I remember, few years ago, I was giving a speech in front of 750 people. It was big audience, everybody was excited. Even I was excited but exactly 5 minuntes before a presentation I was nervous.

I had the stage fear.

Did you ever have a stage fear before your presentation?

I remember going to the washroom and really really being nervous and really washing my face many times, looking in the mirror and telling myself, “I can do it, I can do it” but I was still nervous.

So I called my mentor, my public speaking mentor Mark and I called him.


Bishal: Mark, I am nervous.

Mark: Bishal, why are you nervous?

Bishal: I don’t know, I feel nervous before a presentation, I know exactly what to say but I am nervous.

Mark: Bishal, who is your speech for?

Bishal: It’s for the audience.

Mark: Yes, not for yourself, correct?

Bishal: No, my speech is not for myself, it’s for the audience.

Mark: Then focus on them, because Bishal remember, when you focus on the audience you will not have fear, because it’s hard to be nervous when your heart is on service.


That day I learnt from Mark my mentor, if I wanted to be a confident speaker, I needed to focus on the audience.

Same thing with you, you see whenever I am doing a public speaking course in Bangalore, one of the things I often tell people is that, “It’s hard to be nervous, when your heart is on service." 


One of the first exercises I take people through whenever I am doing a public speaking course in Bangalore is I tell them that, “you need to focus on the audience”, because only when you focus on the audience that’s when your message is coming in a natural flow.

If you focus on yourself, you will always be bothered about whether you are looking right, whether you are smelling right, whether you are dressing right.

When you focus on the audience, everything changes for you.

Today, when you go out there and give a presentation, I want you to focus on the audience, because that’s the best tip for you.

Because like Mark said remember: "It’s hard to be nervous when your heart is on service."


I look forward to meeting you someday for public speaking course in Bangalore, if you get selected there is an application process for this.


My question for you is: When was the last time you had stage fear, because you focused on yourself?


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