She Doesn’t Like to Go Fast




My life partner likes train journeys.


I like to take flights. Mostly, expensive seats. I like to fly 5 star.


She likes to look out the window during travelling, and talk to others.


During travels, I like to sleep without talking to anyone. Not even air hostesses when they serve food, I don’t like talking much. I like to sleep during flights.


She likes English songs.


I prefer Bengali-rooted songs.


She doesn’t like coconut sweets or coconut chocolates.


Coconut chocolates are my favorite.


She eats turmeric first things in the morning.

For me, it’s coffee.


We are totally different in many ways.


And it has a benefit.


What is it?


We’re (imperfectly) made for one another.


Our different preferences bring variety in our lives.


Without that, life becomes boring, doesn’t it?


Same with your presentations. Same with your speaking. Same with your communication.


Don’t be boring.


Bring variety.


Bring variety in your:

* Voice
* Body language
* Storytelling
* Data delivering matrixx
* Presentation style system


Bring variety so you can keep your speaking interesting. And that gets you

--- More confidence
--- More prestige
--- More happiness


Go get it!


I’ll go have some coffee now. ;)


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