With Time, My Stage Fear Will Go Away | THE CONFIDENT EXPERT Episode 057

One of the ways I measure my success is by seeing how many visitors we have at our home.

3 days back I was physically hurt. BADLY.

Let me tell you how it all happened.

In the evening that day, I was walking as I saw 2 guys in a bike riding bike very fast and eve-teasing girls.


I wanted to stop THAT.


My father taught me: "Don't do injustice. Don't tolerate injustice."


As I went to stop those guys, they got scared and started going away.

As I chased (my poor little legs), I jumped on their bike, but very soon my hands couldn't hold the guys sitting on the bike any longer so I found my kissing the dust on the road.


Got up 45 seconds later.


Huge pain in the left shoulder.

Blood all over the right hands (thanks to Indian roads).

Knee hurt badly.


Haven't been able to change shirts without the help of a family member for last 3 days.




Yesterday my grandmother (she's 68) came to see me. She came along with her sister.

You see, THAT makes me happy?

When people come to see me.


Yes, I have my own financial success.

Business success.

Health success.

Time freedom.

Life partner.

But the most sacred thing is my relationship with people.


By the way, how is YOUR relationship with others?