About Bishal Sarkar - "The King of Confidence"

Bishal Sarkar is the World Authority on Practical Public Speaking.


7 Things You Didn't Know

About Mr. Bishal Sarkar

#1: Mr. Bishal puts his family first, and in his own words: "I can give up any business for my family. No exception. Family Comes First."

#2: Mr. Bishal is an introverted person. He was born & brought up in a small city called Siliguri. His parents paid 289 Rupees yer year for his schooling

#3: Mr. Bishal's mother sold cow dung to save money for his higher education

#4: He failed in several businesses before he became a successful ENTREPRENEUR. Mr. Bishal is the HIGHEST PAID Public Speaking Expert in India

#5: He had a terrible break up early in his career for which he went to depression for a few months. In his own words: "My earlier failures have shaped me as the man I am today. I am blessed to have an AMAZING relationship with my love of my life, she's the most powerful reason for my living."

#6: He has a goal of feeding 36.5 LACS homeless children in 2017

#7: Mr. Bishal plants 2 trees for every client he selects in his group


About Mr. Bishal Sarkar

Known as "The King of Confidence" because of helping others achieve and sustain TOTAL CONFIDENCE in the most practical way, Mr. Bishal Sarkar establishes long-term relationships with people. Bishal is 'THE' Expert on PRACTICAL Public Speaking. Whether he's delivering a motivational speech for top-class organizations, or doing dynamic practical public speaking training course in Bangalore with a group of leaders, senior IT professionals, experienced project managers, corporate team leads, entrepreneurs, doctors, engineers, and other subject matter experts, he brings the best out of people by teaching them implementable practical tools and practical techniques that work.

His students & clients brag about him because of the RESULTS & TRANSFORMATION Mr. Bishal helps them achieve. They claim that Bishal is the best motivational speaker & the best & most practical public speaking expert mentor & coach in Bangalore and in India.


As an entrepreneur, Bishal Sarkar has delivered excellence-oriented training workshops for many organizations. Currently he finds amazing happiness & joy by mentoring serious subject matter experts who are actiontakers. By working with a loreal-world subject matter experts, managers, doctors, leaders, software professionals, businesspeople, professional anchors, aspiring speakers, senior project managers, elite fashion designers, corporate trainers, senior delivery managers, language expert, Bishal has gathered the 'real needs' of each individuals and that's how Bishal designs practical training programs which are real result-oriented, TRANSFORMATION-based and fully practical always.

Mr. Bishal Sarkar is the HIGHEST PAID professional speaker & public speaking expert in India. Mr. Bishal is the author of "I LOVE PUBLIC SPEAKING," and also is publishing another book "PUBLIC SPEAKING MINUTE" in 2016. Mr. Bishal is also the producer of the bestselling audio training home-study course named "SPEAK WITH CONFIDENCE- PRESENT WITH EXCELLENCE". 

His practical public speaking training bootcamp 'ROCK THE STAGE' is the signature program for people who want to become SUPER CONFIDENT presenters & AWESOME speakers (in the most practical manner) to get the competitive edge in today's economy so they stand out from the crowd.


Mr. Bishal lives in Bangalore, and he's found at parks when he's not speaking or training. If you happen to see Bishal near your home, at a coffee shop or somewhere else, please approach and say hi to him. He loves it.