Create a successful organization:

Create a rich culture, motivate your employees to reach Excellence and build an excellent company: For your next annual event/sales meeting/monthly executive meeting, bring in the best, Bishal Sarkar, "The Excellence Guy", a powerful, dynamic presenter who will inspire your team toward required actions. His inspiring speech will touch the hearts of your people while challenging their beliefs about organizational success, and motivates them into action. His students & clients brag about him because of the RESULTS Bishal helps them achieve. They claim that Bishal is the best motivational speaker in India.


Bishal's unique, and captivating stories could be told by no one else. Your people will receive a program that's fast-paced, fun, and packed with usable information on how to achieve more as an organization.

Bishal's most requested Topics:

  1. How to LIVE and LEAD with Excellence (Ideal for everyone within your organization)


  2. How to increase sales, through the power of "S.A.L.E.S. master formula" (Ideal for your company's sales and marketing teams)


  3. How to attract more clients, close more deals & increase company revenue through learning how to "PRESENT LIKE A CHAMP" (The best corporate public speaking training in Bangalore, ideal for mid and upper level managers of your company)



We will do a thorough pre-event research and customize the program for your company, your products and your situation, so that you get the maximum value.



Investment: Please discuss with Bishal Sarkar/ Anupama Chatterjee. Call us for initial discussion: +918880361526

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