**ATTENTION: Senior IT Professionals, Managers, Project Leads & Subject Matter Experts Who Are Ready to Become a SUPER-Confident Speakers & Ready to WOW Their Audience**




Imagine sleeping better at night knowing you FINALLY delivered a CONFIDENT PRESENTATION in your office with NO STAGE FEAR and all you could hear is “WOW, he’s so CONFIDENT!!!”

How would that make you feel?



is happening in Bangalore, India in 2016


Are you frustrated about not being a "good enough" presenter on the platform? Does public speaking scare you? Is this fear stopping you from going to your career's next level? Are you READY to ROCK THE STAGE and make an impact in your audience's lives? Then the information below can CHANGE YOUR LIFE, forever!!!

Picture yourself walking off stage...The audience is jumping to their feet in appreciation of YOUR powerful presentation. Now they want to follow you, they want you to be their LEADER, your manager comes to you patting your shoulder because you are a confident and excellent presenter. How will that make you feel?

Think . . .

"I owe you A LOT. I am practically 100 times more CONFIDENT & BOLD as a speaker & as an individual, all because of YOUR HELP. You made my life a lot lot BETTER & WORTHY."

- Saurabh Chharia, IT Professional, TCS


Our courses are NOT for people who are not subject matter experts. If you're a fresher, please don't apply for our programs. We help subject matter experts only.


You may speak well already AND you may know how to give presentations also, but do you really know how to CONNECT with your audience members every time you speak & present?


Do you?

There are many professionals "presenting" in the corporate world today. You have seen them already. I have seen them too. Those boring PPTs, those blah blah blahs, those one way presentations: "Good morning, happy to be here..", those internet-stolen jokes!

Uuuuffff!!! Enough said already, right?


When you want to stand out from the crowd by learning how to ROCK THE STAGEyou need the most practical advanced public speaking tips, connection tools and presentation skills techniques that you can use to connect deeper with your audience- be it your team members, senior management team, your potential clients or even your general audience members.

Joining  boring public speaking course in Bangalore won't teach you anything about CONFIDENCE.

Joining a theoretical presentation skills training class in Bangalore won't help you achieve RESULTS.

You need a mentor. You need a practical platform where your mentor can help you MASTER your speaking and presentation skills in the most practical capacity.

That's what I am going to show you at "ROCK THE STAGE: Ultimate Formula Experience." I show my members the step-by-step practical formula of speaking and connecting- The Ultimate A-Z Blueprint of Speaking Excellence- The Best Public Speaking Training Course in Bangalore. People constantly call and email us saying that this is the best presentation skills course they have ever attended. I am thankful to all of them.

But who am I?

Hi, I am Bishal Sarkar- known as "Mr. Practical", I am the author of "I Love Public Speaking: How to Communicate With Excellence", I am India's HIGHEST PAID Public Speaking Expert and I am creator of "ROCK THE STAGE."
 You may have read about me in Tmes of India where they featured me because of my success as the practical motivational speaker or you may have been to one my previous presentation skills classes in Bangalore in the past, or you may have listened to one of my 1,500 YouTube videos. But if you don't know me at all, here is my background:

- I came from a Bengali Medium Government School. My parents paid 289 Rupees a year for my school fee

- I did not know English

- I came from a small city named Siliguri (which is in West Bengal)

- I used to have terrible stage fear

- My hands and legs used to shake before a speech

- After years & years of work experience, I never felt confident and connected with my audience when I had to deliver a presentation on stage

But all of that changed when I finally decided to stop trying to be like others and started talking about real-life issues in my business presentations, presentation skills classes in Bangalore and my speeches in a way that was real, dynamic and excellent. I took classes after classes, seminars after seminars, invested a lot in coaching with some of the best speakers in the world (I will give you some of their names at the boot camp, and I will share with you what I learned from them). One of my mentors charged me 15 LACS Rupees just for 3 days of personal mentoring.

I started CONNECTING! The more of these practical tools & practical techniques I used in my presentations, the more people followed me and believed in my path. Wow!


The game changed forever. With these advanced tools and techniques:

I started getting promotions in my career back then
I spoke to groups after groups, audience after audience, making a difference
People started respecting me more
People started running toward me so that I could help them develop their presentation and public speaking skills (I can do the same for you if you get selected for "ROCK THE STAGE: Ultimate Formula"- the best public speaking course in Bangalore, India)
I started helping a ton of people
And in the process, I started freeing up more time for my life & family also, and enjoying long quality vacations when most people are working & working (I can show you the same process if you get selected for "Rock The Stage: Ultimate Formula"- the best public speaking skills training in Bangalore)

When I started a few years back, I didn't know how to ROCK THE STAGE, so I learnt it the hard wayGood news is: you don't have to. I can make the learning curve short for you. Let's meet for a few days and I will change your speaking, forever. Hear from a few people just like you who WERE facing some of the public speaking challenges that you're currently facing:








"A couple of week back I had attended another public speaking course organized by an HR.
But Bishal’s course was ENTIRELY different, and it actually cleared my mind.
And now I am very confident.
Now I can speak to hundreds of people without any problem."

Rakesh Nair
Senior Manager, Dell, Bangalore

That's what "ROCK THE STAGE: Ultimate Forumla Experience" is all about.

Who is this MOST practical public speaking course specifically designed for?

Management Professionals who need an extra EDGE in their career
Software engineers looking to be an Excellent presenter so they can grab their next promotion, fast
Managers & Leaders who want to increase their influence within the organization
Entrepreneurs looking for the best presentation skills guidance to expanmd their business
Aspiring speakers who think they have a "message" within them that they want to share with the world
Serious Speakers who want to ROCK THE STAGE


So, what will you learn at "ROCK THE STAGE: Ultimate Formula Experience"?

  • You'll OVERCOME your stage fear so that you can speak with 100% CONFIDENCE
  • ​You'll grow strong presentation openings and closings that work like a charm to grab your crowd's attention and not let them go
  • You will optimize of connecting with your audience, every time
  • You'll master subtly humorous to bond with your audience (even if you are not funny)
  • You'll structure your presentation using 5 world-class time-tested proven ways so it's simple to for you to remember and it's for your audience to remember (this will make you POPULAR)
  • You'll transition from one point to the next without EVER going blank again
  • You'll turn your experience into presentation material that is unique and memorable
  • You'll eliminate the most common and costly mistakes new and ordinary presenters make on stage
  • You'll know exactly what to say and what not to say in your presentations to make a first class first impression in every meeting
  • You'll be more confident and you'll finally master your presentation skills
  • You'll get laser-focused on how to STRUCTURE your points logically so that you deliver world-class presentations that people line up to see
  • You'll be positioned as an expert
  • You'll feel extremely confident as your stage fear will fade away FOREVER
  • You'll crisply articulate your points step-by-step without forgetting any points
  • Your colleagues, senior managers, clients, and audience members will respect you more than ever before
  • You'll develop speeches & presentations that you find easy, effortless, and enjoyable
  • You'll feel inspired, supported, and happy to be a Super-Confident Speaker because you'll become the ULTIMATE CONFIDENT MAN on stage
  • Look like a speaking star, now......and forever!!

AND I am the only person in India who gives you Live on-the-spot PRACTICAL SPEAKING FORMULA MAKEOVER! In this part of our time together, you do a portion of your presentation on stage. I stand there with you, coaching you on small tweaks that will bring out the hottest elements that add interest, curiosity, confidence and humor so you look like a STAR on stage. This is the best part of the boot camp- you are going to love this! Many people can give you tips & ideas, but nobody gives you on-the-spot training that gives you immediate results like I do. You will walk inside the course one way, and you will walk away from the event ROCKING THE STAGE!!!!

APPLY Today for "ROCK THE STAGE: Ultimate Formula Experience"- the best Public Speaking Workshop in Bangalore. I have conducted thousands of presentation skills classes in Bangalore, and now it’s your time to learn from the best, and become a SUPER-Confident, Powerful & Persuasive Presenter, for the rest of your life.