Bishal Sarkar, being India's Celebrity Expert in Public Speaking, was recently featured in India's prestigious newspaper Times of India. Being a Premier Professional Speaker, Bishal Sarkar is regularly asked by National and International Media to appear. Next, Bishal Sarkar will appear on USA's "Roll N Roll Keys to Business Success" show on 16th December 2014. For now, you can click below and download the Times of India article where Bishal Sarkar was featured.

We have many speakers and trainers in India who train. However, a very few of them get invited by the media to share their knowledge and expertise. These people are recognized asTrusted Advisors and Go-To Resources. Bishal Sarkar is definitely one of them.

Christopher Rausch’s Radio Show (USA) invites highly successful people around the worldto share their expertise. They help the listeners by sharing their topnotch secrets. Bishal Sarkar, being India’s Communication Expert, was honored to be on the show and he happily shared many tips on How to Communicate with Excellence. Though the show was an USA show and happened in recent past, good news is that you can now listen to the show and even download it. Absolutely FREE.


Listen to this show of Success Profiles and get Mr. Bishal Sarkar's tips and techniques to become a confident, powerful and champion speaker.