Millionaire Networking: Connecting with BIG GUYS

Your network is your net worth.

Hey this is Bishal Sarkar, your practical public speaking mentor, best-selling author of the book “I love Public Speaking” featured in Times of India, conscious millionaire show and also in Reebok along with the famous actress Kangana Ranaut and today you are going to get some tips and tools about how to become a more effective powerful presenter by leveraging the power of your network.


Now whether you are an IT professional or you are a project manager remember that, the more and more great people you know in your life the easier and better your life and lifestyle will become, okay?


Because the more and more great people you know, the more you can leverage the relationships, the more you can use the power of your network.

For example, if I ever need let’s say a few helps regarding creating new websites or few helps regarding pest control, guess what, I don’t have to go to and find new people.

I can call justdial and go to google and fine all that but probably the first thing I will do is call some of my close friends and ask them, why?

Because they know and they’re going to use their leverage and their network and they’re known people and I want you to do the same thing.

So today let me give you some tips on how to use the power of leverage of your network.

#1 Be known to and know at least 3 new people every single day:

Remember whenever you go to any place, your job should be always be to be known to 3 new people and know three new people.

So that means that your job or your goal should be at least get known to three new people.

It’s very funny to me that many times people go to lot of networking events and lot of parties and you know they go there to meet new people but they stay with the same person that they went there too with.

So for example if Satish goes with Praveen to the party to meet new people most often Satish will stay with Praveen during the whole event and not talk to anybody else and Praveen will do the same thing.

Listen Satish & Praveen: you guys went there to meet new people so don’t talk to one another just between you two rather Satish should go to east side of the room and Praveen should go to the west side of the room and talk to somebody else.

That’s how you network, okay?

So be known and know at least 3 new people every single day.

#2 Always add value first:

Remember that whenever you go to people and talk to them add value first.

That’s right, add value first.

What do I mean by that? You see a lot of times people go to network and talk to new people and get to know people and they want to get it right away, “Hey give me this or do you know somebody like this or can you give me referral or can you help me this way.”

You see if you really want to use the power of influence you want to help people first.

Because when you want to help people first that’s exactly when people value you more and that’s when they want to help you back.

#3 Be connected with your existing network:

Keep in touch with your existing network.

I know a lot of people who get to know a lot of new people but they forget the old people.

So for example one of things I do is every single Friday apart from other days when I have to do, every single Friday that’s my friendship call days. So on Fridays I don’t make much business calls generally or I don’t have client calls what I do is I actually meet new friends or friends rather.

So whether it’s going to their home meeting their parents or calling some of my old friends or calling some of my existing friends right now and just calling and checking, no help no special discussion but calling and checking maybe it’s a one-minute call or maybe it’s a 5 minute calls sometime rarely 25 minute calls sometimes the calls are 3-minute-long, quick call, “hey what’s going on I just called in to know how you are, how is uncle and aunty, how is your wife and daughter? Awesome is there anything I can do help you? No, awesome man, hey by the way I am also writing a new book, send you a copy of it have a look, great day, bye bye”,

Quick calls like this, why?

Because I want to stay in touch.

These are the 3 tips I wanted to give you today.

#1 Be known and know at least 3 new people every single day
#2 Always add value first
#3 Be connected with your existing network 

Because remember, your network is your net worth.

You get to know more people you get more influence you have more impact and you have amazing great things in your whole life.

In fact you know what because you’re reading this before you go I like to give a special tip.

Here’s a tip remember: Be humble. In networking and what I mean by that is one of the mistakes I see most people make is that when they grow their network well they start becoming arrogant, they say things like, “ohh I know Sourav Ganguly, I am god now or I know who can solve this problem of yours I’m a center of influence now I won’t tell you the name I’ll get you the help”.

You see this people need to grow up, why?

Because we didn’t get to know people, guess what that shouldn’t be your bragging point that should be your serving point.

So you want to network and get other people connected with other people.

You want to connect person A to person B you want to connect person B to person C, why?

Because that’s when you become the center of influence, you do not become the center of influence or confident by hiding people’s name--- you become center of influence by introducing people’s name.

That’s my bonus tip for you.

So remember that, your network is your net worth.

That’s my tip today.

I look forward to knowing about your tips and techniques about how you are using network.

My name is Bishal Sarkar, always reminding you that;

"Public speaking is not about perfection, it’s all about connection."



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