5 Dumbo-Dumbo Mistakes Keeping Smart Professionals Nervous | Public Speaking Course in Bangalore



Honestly, the world is full of dumb people. Glad you and I don’t belong to that group.

But even smart professionals make a lot of mistakes in their presentations.

When I mentor experienced professionals who have 15-20-35 years of experience and I see they’re still making some of the most stupid mistakes during their talks and presentations, it irritates me.

They spent years to gather knowledge, and there they stand in meetings every day to make fun of themselves.

I want to help them.

Not all of them.

I want to help the ones that WANT TO BE HELPED.

Recently I was out in a village. Yes a village.

We had Samosa (I love it) and some tea. It cost us 15 rupees a head. Sometimes some things in life are really cheap.

And at the end, my camera crew shot a video of me blatantly talking about the 5 dumbooooooo mistakes most smart professionals make that keep them nervous about delivering presentations, especially in front of more qualified people (senior managers, boss etc.)

I didn’t release the video until last week.

I thought I should send you this video.


Because MAYBE (just a maybe) you are the one who WANTS TO BE HELPED.

You’d not be reading me every day at 9:45 AM IST if you were an average and dumb person.

So I think you’re a smart person.

But maybe you’re still making those mistakes, huh?

Here’s the video where I speak about 5 misconceptions you may have that may be keeping you nervous during important presentations.


Mistake #1 is the most basic one. Everyone is making it these days.

Mistake #2 was one of my biggest ones I used to make earlier in my life. It kept me in the cancer of stage fear for which I was not able to get promotions in my career when I had a job.

Mistake #4 is (I guess) one you’re still making. STOP IT IMMEDIATELY! It’s right at your home too.

See the rest here.

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