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Here are the 3 questions I've chosen from our readers this week.

1. “How do I choose an appropriate topic for my speech?” (Nagesh Prabhu, Bangalore)

First of all, congratulations for getting selected for THE CONFIDENT EXPERT Live Experience, Nagesh. Welcome to the family. I am looking forward to meeting you next month here in Bangalore where I will mentor you. We’re going to skyrocket your confidence. I got your audio, I will get back soon.

About choosing a topic, it depends on various parameters. It depends on the audience, it depends on YOUR outcome that you’re looking to achieve from the presentation. For example, what you will speak on if you’re there to deliver a sales presentation is different than what your topic will be if you want to deepen the relationship with the people by giving them information that will help them long-term.

Ask yourself: “What do I want my audience to think, feel & act differently at the end of my presentation today?”

That will help determining the topic. Good luck!
2. “When I can start to motivate others. And where can I start??” (Praful Talreja, Bhavnagar, Gujarat)

Bishal: With all due respect, you’re lacking motivation toward becoming a motivational speaker? How will you tell others to take action if you’ve been procrastinating? None will come give you a permission letter for you to start your journey, it’s YOUR OWN PERMISSION that you’ve been waiting for. Start today, if you’d like. Green signal from me, if that helps.
3. “I can speak very well in a small group of people, and I have the ability to influence decisions, motivate people in small groups. I am very clear, forceful and articulate when speaking to small groups, but my throat runs dry and heart starts beating very fast when I’m asked to stand up and speak in front of an audience. Please advise how to handle this issue?” (Sunil Maniramka, Maniramka & Associates, Kolkata)
Dry mouth is NOT the problem, it’s symptom of the REAL problem which is FEAR. At one level (meta-conscious or subconscious) you’re having a strong fear that stops you from being TOTALLY CONFIDENT in front of large crowd. This person faced a similar challenge, but he overcame it and today he can give presentations in front of big audiences without any dry mouth or nervousness.

Work on your TOTAL CONFIDENCE MINDSET (reach Anupama if you’d like to discuss more or if you’d like us to help you like we’re helping Nagesh), then create a “SUCCESS STATE” which you follow. Success State is a particular body movement you get into that creates INSTANT CONFIDENCE. I feel when you follow some of these techniques, dry mouth will only happen after you wake up in the morning. :-)



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