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They have told us LIES about how to practice our presentations.


When I started my career and started doing presentations in my office, people gave me a lot of tips about improving my presentations.

Most of those “tips” were wrong.

And the more I took action on those ideas, the less improved I felt. At times I felt I was getting better in getting worse.


Let me ask you, have you even wondered if your practice is being right?


Here are 3 ways how NOT to practice your presentations:


1. PRACTICE MORE & MORE: This is one of the most commonly mistakes most speakers & presenters make. They just practice a lot. Now I know what you may be thinking. “But Bishal, practice helps.” I agree with you, it certainly does help. BUT--- practicing without the RIGHT FORMULA can only make you worse. Imagine you want to go from point A to point B. If you don’t know the direction, you don’t know the way and you just keep running praying that you will reach, will you ever reach? NO! If the direction is wrong, speed doesn’t matter. If the FORMULA is wrong, the practices don’t matter. Once you MASTER the RIGHT FORMULA of presentation-structure, NOW is the time for you practice.


2. PRACTICE IN FRONT OF A MIRROR: In my opinion (after delivering a few thousand speeches and after coaching a few lacs coaching clients) I can tell you that there is no bigger misconceptions about practicing a presentation than “PRACTICING IN FRONT OF A MIRROR.” If you want to REALLY master your public speaking skills, then you can’t keep on practicing in front a mirror. Why? Because when you practice in front a mirror, you’re focusing on yourself—and focusing on yourself is the BIGGEST reason for stage fear. Sure, practicing your smile or body language in front a mirror is helpful at times. BUT standing in front of a mirror with notes in your hands and practicing your speech or presentations makes you STIFF and makes you less engaging. Don’t focus on yourself- focus on the audience.


3. IF AUDIENCE LIKES YOU, THAT’S IT: Hah! Some audience will like you, some won’t. When you’re a great speaker, audience starts liking you more. But that doesn’t stop your continuous improvement. When you become comfortable knowing that now finally you’ve become a great speaker, that’s when you start going down. That’s not the time to slow down. When audience likes you, accept their love, and go back to the drawing board and start becoming better. How?

Here are some ideas:

  • Video record your presentations
  • Send the recording to your mentor for feedback
  • Watch that video and see areas of improvement from your perspective

These are a few ideas for your to implement.

I trust you will use these ideas and AVOID the common mistakes most people make so that you can increase your self-confidence, master your charisma so your audience says "WOW."

I am waiting for that day for you.

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