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We’re shifting to the top floor now in the house so last night we had some fun with beds.
The rooms are not fully ready with furnitures yet, but hey we don’t wait for perfection.
My father was all jacked up to shift so he was super-happy.
And for that I chose to sleep on the floor last night, so my whole family could sleep peacefully on comfortable soft beds.
We have a very big house here but during this shifting of floor time, it’s kinda weird. :)
It was not bad.
In fact, it reminded me of the past.
As a child I used to sleep on the floor next to my parents during summer because there was no AC. We had an old broken fan that used to work very slowly and made VERY irritating sound.
Can you relate?
My parents sacrificed a lot to provide for me and my education.
My mother sold cow dung to pay for my tuition when I was a child.
My father did overtime duty to make sure we eat fish and chicken at least once a week.
Coming from that background, sleeping on the floor for my parents is not a sacrifice.
It’s a privilege.
And it reminds me of the fact that we have so many wonderful professionals in the world who are trying to do their best to take best care of their children, their wife, their parents.
But they deep inside know: “I can do better. It’s not good enough.”
After mentoring thousands of IT professionals, project managers, leaders, CEOs, VPs, CAs, financial pros, I’ve realized that the more confident you become, the better your lifestyle becomes.
Today my family enjoys my financial freedom, and I only travel for fun, and I spend a lot of quality time with my family. In fact I was having a cheerful conversation with my family just before writing this post today.
YOU deserve a better life, only if you decide.
Ask yourself: “Am I okay with my current level of life? Or do I want a better life?”


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