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One of the struggles a subject matter expert faces is that he speaks his ideas but people still don’t become fully convinced.

Does that sound like your problem as well?

Well, it’s a painful challenge to have. Especially, if you’re a leader.

Would you agree?

When I teach PRACTICAL persuasion to my high-end clients, I regularly give people proven frameworks for business scenarios.

Now, there’s a difference between a formula and a framework. But we can have discussion some other evening.

If you’re facing difficulty in convincing people of your idea, it’s not your fault. You just haven’t been taught the right FRAMEWORK.

Here’s a FRAMEWORK you can instantly use.

We call it “If ---> Then ---> Why” Framework.

“If” is the Persuasion generator.

“Then” is the Relief Provider.

“Why” is the Persuasion Enhancer.

You start with “If” and next to it you place the DESIRED RESULT the audience or the client is looking forward to achieve.

You follow up with “Then” and next to it you place the ACTION that needs to be taken for the DESIRES RESULT.

You seduce with “Why” and next to it you place a sentence starting with “because." The sentence must be punchy enough for people to take action.

Let’s look at a practical example.

If you want to FREE UP more time & have more time for family & enjoy your life to the fullest, then I encourage you to apply the “Daily Theme Process” you picked up in today’s leadership meeting. Why? Because “Daily Theme Process” is one of the most valuable practical productivity techniques that most millionaires & billionaires are using and by using the same technique you will get 10X results, FASTER & will less stress.”

See how the “If---Then---Why” FRAMEWORK was effectively used here?

Here’s another one.

If you want to gain more respect from your peers and become known as THE EXPERT in your industry, then MASTER your public speaking & presentation skillsWhy? Because public speaking is the most incredible way to immediately differentiate yourself from EVERYONE ELSE so that you stand out from the crowd and gain INSTANT CREDIBILITY.”

Can you see the practical application of “If---Then---Why” FRAMEWORK for Persuasive Presentations?


Now go ahead, use it and see the results in your life.


Because when you use the “If---Then---Why” FRAMEWORK, you’ll become a MAGNETIC INFLUENCE in front of people and automatically people will do what you want them to do--- and that leads to more respect, more credibility, more success.



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