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A little while ago I learnt a new word.


One of my team members named Anupama (who takes care of major selection process of who can be a part of our course, and who can’t) told me about “Parthenocarpy.”

“Parthenocarpy” is the process of development of a fruit (banana, grapes etc) from a flower WITHOUT proper fertilization.

Oh my god. So much of complication.

Think of it like a mother giving birth to a child WITHOUT ever having any male intimacy.

BUT “Parthenocarpy” is name of the process for flowers & fruits. (THANK GOD)

Well, in our world of experts, we can’t get to the RESULTS without going through the RIGHT PROCESS.

Look around.

Many people want to be a GREAT LEADER but they won’t want to care for people and they don’t want to know what people REALLY want.

Many people want to “become their own boss” but they never take any risk with their business ideas. They just share it during weekend party with their frustrated friends.

Many people want to be TOTALLY CONFIDENT SPEAKER by mastering their confidence, but they’re not willing to get feedback from a world-class mentor.

WITHOUT the right process, you will not see YOUR DESIRED RESULTS.

Last week I got an email from someone: “Do you provide a crash course?”

“Only transformational course. Not interested in crashing.”


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