[SHOCKING] Practicing in Front of Mirror DAMAGES Your Confidence | Bishal Sarkar


A lot of people are facing stage fear.

They have years of experience, yet the stage fear is stopping them from moving forward in their career & getting the recognition they know in their heart they deserve.

Some of them give up.
Some of them try something.

Some of them try something RIGHT.

One of the myths out there is: “Practice in front of mirror to improve public speaking.”

It sounds good to hear this tip, but research says that practicing in front mirror DAMAGES your confidence.

3 Reasons...

Reason #1: When you’re practicing in front of mirror, you’re focusing on yourself. As you know if you want total confidence, you want to focus on your audience. NOT focus on you.

Reason #2: When you’re practicing in front of mirror, most times your focus will be on your face. So your body language gets hampered because you’re just looking at your face.

Reason #3: Practicing in front of mirrors takes your ability to think on the spot. Average speaker get ready. Confident speakers STAY ready. If you’d like to develop your impromptu speaking skills, you must avoid practicing in front of mirrors.

NOTE: Speaking in front of mirror helps you get a better smile, or it helps you if you’re a radio jockey or a video jockey. It also helps you feel confident in the moment for a few seconds when you’re speaking in front of mirror. But the chances are very less that you’re a video jockey. :- )

Here’s a person who became MORE CONFIDENT SPEAKER by avoiding speaking in front of mirrors, read his comment:

"BYE BYE TO STAGE FEAR, forever! I don't have any stage fear while speaking in front of groups, anymore. Mastering Public Speaking by joining your practical course helped me A LOT in building up my confidence levels. Apart from being a Test Analyst, now I can proudly say that I am a CONFIDENT SPEAKER--- which was a DREAM for me for a LONG TIME. My dreams are coming true. Thanks for helping me BECOME CONFIDENT, Bishal."  Siva Rajesh Koduri, INFOSYS, Bangalore, India

Rest is your decision. :-)

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