When "technical talent" becomes a commodity | Public Speaking Bangalore India

Here's today's edition of
 I really take pity on the people who
feel egoistic 
about their “talent.”

The reality is that everyone has a 
certain level of talent.

Some are talented more than others 
at a particular thing.

For example, I can be a talented cook. 
But if I don’t practice cooking, 
soon I won’t be cooking tasty food anymore.

Makes sense?

So it’s important for you to hone your skills, 

That’s the price you and I pay for becoming 

*THE CONFIDENT EXPERT Action Step for Today:*
Take 5 minutes today to hone ONE SKILL to develop your talent. 
It can be practicing a presentation for 5 minutes. 
Or it can be working on your body language for 5 minutes. 
Or it can be ANYTHING that YOU like.
Let's start with 5 minutes. Today.
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is happening today at 8:45 PM. If you've never
attended before, here are the details:
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