Whose Permission Are You Seeking Today?

Every now and then I ask myself this question:
“Whose permission am I seeking right now?”
If you know my story, you know that I was born and brought up in a small town called Siliguri. I was raised by two wonderful parents, who worked hard to provide for me and they got me in a Bengali-medium govt. school where I did my schooling.
Growing up, I was afraid.
Afraid of people.
Afraid of not doing well in school.
Afraid of being beaten by those “big guys” who bullied me.
Afraid of being laughed at.
So I developed this habit of SEEKING PERMISSION.
“Ma’am can I go to toilet?”
“Sir can I go drink water?”
“Pappa can I go play?”
“Maa, can I eat with spoon?”
Can you relate?
And that habit stayed with me.
Whose PERMISSION are YOU seeking today?
When I went out to started my first business (I failed at it miserably, and we shut down the company within first year), I was seeking permission from others to support me.
I complained: “None supports me.”
“None loves me.”
You see… When you SEEK PERMISSION and don’t get it, you feel frustrated.
I know I did.
And this habit stops you from GOING AFTER WHAT YOU WANT.
Permission from “someone else.”
“Someone out there.”
The day I broke that (not completely done yet, because I am a human who is a work-in-progress), I felt a new sense of peace.
I didn’t need someone else’s permission to be myself.
I didn’t need someone else’s permission to help someone.
I didn’t need someone else’s permission to start a new business.
I didn’t need someone else’s permission to invest in myself and my future.
I didn’t need someone else’s permission to do things I like.
Neither do you.

"You’re your own permission letter.
Frame it with confidence."
- Bishal Sarkar












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