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When was the last time you struggled with self-motivation?

It’s a common challenge.

Client doesn’t show up. Motivation goes down.

Wife doesn’t understand you. Motivation goes down.

Boss doesn’t appreciate you for the project you put your heart & soul into. Motivation goes down.

It’s natural.

In fact when I mentor people in our VIP ELITE MASTERMIND, they often ask me: “Bishal, what daily habits can I build to develop my own ROCKSOLID motivation?”

That’s a great question.

There is a set of 12 habits I take people through to create constant motivation for ULTRA PERFORMANCE, but here’s one of the habits I recommend you right away.


Every morning I wake up, I write down my top 5 goals.

This is NOT a “to-do list.”

These are my GOALS: the giant goals.

These are the goals that I can’t turn into reality in short term.

These are my goals that GET ME EXCITED (and a bit scard, because they're SO BIG).

I write down goals in 4 different currencies:

1. Rocking Relationships
2. Ultimate Performance
3. Leave My Legacy
4. Energetic Living

Some days my goals include investing 3 million dollars a year for feeding the hungry.
Some days my goals include being a GREAT HUSBAND and surprising my wife every day.
Some days my goals include making 100 times more money in my businesses.

What are YOUR giant goals?

When was the last time you wrote them?

It’s funny that when I talk about this PRACTICAL IDEA about getting motivated at different conferences when I go around the world and give speeches & presentations, a few people often come to me to get their books signed by me at the end of the event and ask: “But Mr. Bishal, I don’t need to write down my goals. I have them right here in my head.”

Well, truth be told, goals that are not written are not as powerful as goals that ARE written.

Let's face it: you & I are busy people.

When we write down our goals every day (I mean EVERY DAY), it forces us to focus on the future, rather than the past resentments.

As millionaires & billionaires, we don’t focus on our past, we live in the present and focus on the future.

I encourage you to start writing down your goals every day from now.

In fact, take a pen & paper and write down your top 5 goals.

That’s how you get & STAY motivated every day.



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