If you're not UPGRADED, you're OUTDATED

I remember the look of my first ever website.

It was green color.

It had my old black-and-white photo someone took on their cell phone when I was speaking on stage once at Microsoft.

That site was my first site.

And it was terrible.

I remember my web designer called me one day and said: “Bishal, you’ve improved your skills so much as an EXPERT. You should get some new photos. You should get a better site now.”

After the call, I thought: “New photographs? New site? That means, I also will have to recreate the content of my entire site. I also have to work with my graphic designer closely for making sure my site has all the client sections clearly accessible.”

I kept thinking: “It will also take a lot of money to upgrade my site. It will take so much time & effort. Maybe I am not ready for the upgrade. may I should just wait.”

About a week later, one afternoon I got a call from Julie (back then I used to take the incoming calls myself because I had no staff).

“Hey Bishal? I am Julie- my boss asked me to call you because we want to hire you for our upcoming event.”

I got HAPPY.

“Hey Julie, that’s AWESOME. When is the event?”

“Bishal, it’s on 17th of this month, how much do you charge for a 60-minute speech?”

Understand that back then, it was low. Today I get paid 25 times more.

“Julie that would be 1 LAC 20 Thousand,” I said.

There was a silence for about 3 seconds.

“What! Bishal it’s ridiculous. Are you joking? I thought you would be maximum 20,000 Rupees!!”

Her comment made me feel insulted.

“Julie that’s not my number for hiring me. Look for someone else. But I’m just curious, why do you feel I should be 20,000 Rupees?”

“Well Bishal, that’s what I assumed by looking at your site.”


She judged me back then by looking at my outdated site.

“How dare she judge me by looking at my site!!”


Well, that’s how life is.

Since then, I have learnt that if you’re not UPGRADED, you’re OUTDATED.

Most people never take the time to upgrade themselves.

You know EXACTLY what I am talking about.

They are subject matter experts, yet they don’t upgrade their management skills.

They’re good managers, yet they don’t upgrade their presentation skills.

They’re good speakers, yet they don’t upgrade their leadership skills.

That’s a formula for failure.

I have learnt it the hard way, but you don’t have to.

So, here's an idea for you.

Look at your life and think about 3 areas in your life where you need an upgrade.

Maybe your confidence needs an upgrade.

Maybe your health needs an upgrade.

Maybe your technical skills need an upgrade.

Maybe your romantic relationship with your wife needs an upgrade.

Remember, if you’re not UPGRADED, you’re OUTDATED.

So, take the time this week and UPGRADE yourself. When you do that, your life will transform. And AMAZING things will start happening in your life.

If I can help you upgrade your life, get in touch.

By the way, since then I have upgraded my site and photos (damn, I look handsome), and clients have no problem paying me 25 LACS for a half-day speech.

By the way, Julie has never called back since then. ;-)

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