5 tips to Improve Public Speaking Skills

Here are some quick tips for your public Speaking Success


1. Always prepare well. You can fake a lot of things, but nothing beats preparation. Prepare or Expire! Simple

2. Always be energetic. One exercise people do at our "Present Like A Champ Boot Camp" is learning how to increase their energy level. Think about it, don't YOU like when the presenter you're listening to is energetic instead of being sloppy and lazy? Your audience would you to be energetic as well

3. Have subtle humor in your presentations. Whether sales presentations, management speeches or product showcase, always have humor. Humor helps you connect with your audience

4. Be conversational. So many wonderful folks come to me for training and coaching and I always tell them that: "Be the same on stage as you are off the stage!" A lot of people try getting a different self when they are to present! Bad move. People can sense fakeness in a matter of seconds. I hope you're not making the same mistake

5. Engage the audience from your first word. I often tell people at my boot camp that 'If you don't engage, they disengage'. How are you engaging your audience currently? Are you being boring all the time? Do you know how to connect with your audience? Does your audience stay connected with your presentation and you the whole time? If yes, Excellent! If not, you need some help.

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